Weight Pull Info

Weight pull rules have changed. Please be sure to read the AMCW Weight Pull Rules.   The Weight Pull Policies and Weight Pull Rules are separate documents.


WWPD/WWPDX leg weight tables posted. Find out how much weight your dog needs to pull to qualify for a WWPD or WWPDX leg.

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For this season’s weight pulls, AMCW will again run the “Point System.” This system allows competing dogs (excluding Novice Class) to collect points throughout the season for awards to be given at the end of the year for “overall” placings. So there are actually two contests going on; the daily event, and the overall season event. Also awarded will be the “Most Weight Pulled” and “Times Body Weight” (dog that pulled the most weight times their own body weight).

To earn points, a dog must complete the first round of that pull event for an automatic 5 “qualifying” points. Additional points are earned by the place the dog finishes in, and are based on the number of dogs in the class. A dog will earn one (1) point for each dog that places behind it. For the math fans, there are 2 formulas that can be used: ((# of dogs in class – finish place) + qualify points), or the easier formula: (# of dogs behind + qualify points). If a dog does not qualify, the dog earns 0 points for that day’s pull. A dog’s points are totaled over the season, and prizes will be awarded to the top four (4) dogs in each class with the highest point totals.

NOTE: A dog may place in more than one class due to body weight fluctuation. The points a dog earns stay in the class they were earned in.

Last season, a number of dogs earned their WWPD (Working Weight Pull Dog) title. A dog earns a WWPD title by pulling 12 times their body weight the full 16 foot distance of the pull course. Click here to see what a WWPD Certificate looks like.

To find out how much weight a dog must pull to earn a WWPD or WWPDX leg, follow this link.

As the season progresses, the class tables will be updated with the point totals for the top 10 dogs in each class. The list of the top 10 and the results for each pull can be viewed on the Weight Pull Results page.

NOTE:   To be eligible for the End of the Year awards, a dog MUST have qualified in a minimum of three (3) weight pulls for that season.

NOTICE: AMCW reserves the right to deny entry of any dog due to physical ability, health, or temperament.

Want to register your dogs faster at a weight pull? Just download and print our entry form, fill it out, and bring it with you to the weight pull. Then, just turn in your completed form with your payment to get your entry card for weigh in. Your entry is not complete until you pay at the event!

Weight Pull Forms

To save the Word file to your computer, click the “Download Now” link.  If the download does not automatically start, choose “File” and “Save As” to save the file to your computer.

  • AMCW Weight Pull Entry Form for Waukesha JanBoree – Use this form for entering the Waukesha JanBoree pull. Waukesha County requires this special form. No other entry forms will be accepted.
    View in PDF
  • AMCW Weight Pull Entry Form – Use this form for entering our weight pulls.
    View in PDF | Download Now (MS Word)
  • AMCA Weight Pull Certification Requirements – Rules and requirements to earn a WWPD or WWPDX certificate.
    View in PDF
  • AMCW Weight Pull Rules – AMCW weight pull rules.
    View in PDF
  • AMCW Annual Achievement Awards Form. Members, if you want your dog(s) recognized for AKC, UKC, or AMCA titles at our awards dinner, be sure to fill out and mail this form to the address specified.
    View in PDF
  • WWPD/WWPDX weight tables. Find out how much weight your dog needs to pull to qualify for a WWPD or WWPDX leg by following this link.